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Complete Wideout Camps are two-day wide receiver training camps which provide valuable drills, information, and film review for athletes at the youth and high school levels. Complete Wideout Camps are coordinated by Coach Ryan Larsen, Offensive Coordinator at Stevenson University (MD). All Complete Wideout camps are held concurrently with Complete QB Camps - same dates and facility, using different fields. WRs do work with Quarterbacks during select periods to reinforce drill concepts.

Complete Wideout Camps provide a WR-specific teaching and learning environment, where athletes can focus on their position. The sequential teaching allows athletes to build the skills, techniques and mechanics necessary to improve at playing the position. The Camp will include (but is not limited to) coverage of the following:
Proper Stances and Starts
Teaching multiple variations of releases including how to get off Press Coverage
Pressure Steps and Cuts
Fundamentals of Catching the Ball
Fundamentals of Wideout Specific Blocking Technique
Footwork maximizing yards after catch, staying in bounds, and coming back to the ball
Coverage recognition
Film Review of on field drill work